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DKL Financial Solutions has assisted their clients with competitive and suitable Car Finance for many years. Making sure you are provided with the the best new and used Car finance rates available to you. Whether it is you first car loan or you have a fleet of vehicles, we can tailor a finance package that meets your requirements and expectations.

If it is your first car, family wagon upgrade, dream car or you need a fleet of vehicles for your business, we will take the time to understand your requirements and objectives so we can match you up with the very best car finance package available to you.

We assist our clients all across Australia, through the use of state of the art technology we have the ability to organise car finance for you no matter where you live. If you are buying a car through a dealer or privately we can help, get in contact with us so we can discuss your car finance options.

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Business Use Car Finance

If you are going to use the vehicle predominantly for business use, a Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase or Lease may be the best option for you. It is important for you to consult your accountant for advice as to the suitability of business use car finance.

Consumer Use Car Finance

If the use of your vehicle is for transporting the family to school, the shops, a road trip holiday or just your own personal use vehicle, than consumer use car finance would be an appropriate form of loan to purchase a vehicle.